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Car Sun insulation Side Window

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Car Sun insulation Side Window


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  • Car sun shade translucent paste is very good insulation effect is stronger than the film
  • Our sun paste is "48 * 35CM" increase size yo! 
  • Product advantages:
  • A: no sucker , electrostatic adsorption (environmental, solid) ;
  • Two: reusable (when not torn washed with water about, dried up, and can continue to use next year)
  • Three: it does not affect the window lifter (rear windows can be arbitrarily labeled lift) ;
  • UV shade posted to this article posted on both sides of the window, you can Dangqu hot sun, hot summer heat has passed, you can put it off, keep it, the second year of the summer, but also stick up.
  • Without any glue or the like, do not interfere with the window lift, allows you to easily avoid close contact with the sun.
  • The product from which you can clearly see the external environment, but on the outside can not see inside the characteristics of the environment , it is widely used in subway, bus stations and other public places.
  •   Not only can stick in the car, it has been attached to it in its own window!Good decorative effect yet. 
  •   The car sun stickers unique and efficient insulation, quick installation, not to hurt the body, practical, and repeated use of the advantages of 
  •   affordable, recommended every car purchase two pairs of 4 ON (4-8) heat better


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