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Car Window Sun Blind

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Car Window Sun Blind


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Dimensions: width 400MM 600MM * 
specifications: single loaded
Material: Tetoron material

◆ Tetoron material made 
◆ UV protection, breathable shade, insulation 
◆ hook mounting from bottom to top with the window lift 
◆ easy to install for any car models

This Product details UV raging heat of summer is the season, whether it is sunny or cloudy harmful ultraviolet rays still exists, so everyone went out to carry sunscreen to protect the skin, so to say that people do not drive do not have to worry about ultraviolet light ? Cuo Cuocuo! ! By car you have to pay attention, because the sun will irradiate through the glass, so in the car you knew was UV rays, but also to your car's leather chair slowly cracking, then let the manager introduce you to the latest ultra high-owned sector of the sun Pa reputation "BONFORM" sunshade, just on sale in Japan shortly after the market is sold out, because the product made of special multi-material, UV protection, breathable shade, triple insulation and other effects, and make improvements in the DIY installation, easy installation make mining hook up with the blinds by the window lift, so many advantages and effectiveness of sunshade, also looking for outside market lantern found. Triple effect, UV protection, breathable shade, insulation: Usually owners are often in order to save a few hundred pieces, casually buy a sticker on the window insulating glass, instead of shades to use, such alternative use is wrong, can reduce the level of so-called thermal stickers sunlight.



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